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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ Play.tm

by Myrthos, 2010-08-12 13:06:09

Play.tm takes a look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution based on some actual playtime.

Putting his marketing hat on, Seb explains that the publishers put the game forward to retailers as "the world of Blade Runner as the action of the Matrix", but he doesn't need to tell me that there's far more to the game than that. Human Revolutions clearly has the potential to live up to the legacy of its predecessor, and it has a shine, polish and atmosphere that make it exciting just to watch. But Human Revolution needs to be challenging and have substance in the play as well as the style, and it's far too early to start proclaiming this as the one to watch for 2011.

But when you consider that I haven't even gone into the renaissance aspects of the style, the inner workings of the story, the depth of the RPG mechanics, and an entire side of the gameplay not shown today by Seb, namely the hacking, then there are more than enough reasons to be positive about Human Revolutions. Then again, expectations are already astronomical following the E3 trailer. If Eidos Montreal can live up to them when the game releases next year, it will truly be something special.

Thanks Omega.

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