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Two Worlds II - Interview @ Kombo

by Dhruin, 2010-08-12 21:24:26

Kombo.com has the first part of an interview with Topware's Jake DiGennaro, discussing "redemption, challenges, horses and more" for Two Worlds II.  With the recent Southpeak controversy, I thought I'd take this quote on their structure:

It's being developed by Reality Pump, over in Poland. So what's Topware's role?

We're the IP owners and worldwide publishers. Reality Pump is under the Topware umbrella, basically. They're a wholly owned studio by us. We own about three studios and we do our own publishing in Europe. However, for the United States, we don't have the kind of logistical framework to do our own publishing, so we partner with Southpeak games, and they're kind of our publishing partner over here in the states. And then we have a partner down in Australia and the south pacific area, and then we have one over in China and Japan and stuff like that. So yeah, we're the IP owners, and we're also the...it's kind of a weird blend, how our company works, in that we're the publishers, but at the same time, I spend a couple weeks every couple months over there working with them on the game. The lead English writer is actually a member of the Topware staff. The executive producer is a member of the Topware staff. So it's a very blurry line between what is Topware and what is Reality Pump.

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