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NWN2: MoW - Retrospective Blog

by Dhruin, 2010-08-12 21:27:07

Ossian's Alazander has kicked up a blog post that looks back at Mysteries of Westgate, with a year having passed since the release.  It's an interesting and frank piece, along with welcome hints of some sort of new development coming soon.  A snip:

If I detach myself from the controversy and unfortunate circumstances surrounding the game's release, what I see what I look at MoW is a solidly designed campaign that has some great quests and characters but a somewhat patchy story and mixed production values. It's always tougher to present a constant narrative when designing a wide-open city adventure and I don't think we did a bad job of it, but there were things which could have been improved.

Firstly, the game started slow. It's quite possible to play an hour or more without a single combat scenario. Some players will love this, but in the main, it's not conducive to drawing a player into the game. Ideally, an opening action sequence should itself help advance the narrative -- the two are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps stepping off the docks and stumbling instantly into a gang war would have been better than just handing the player a license to roam.

Source: GameBanshee

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