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NWN: Darkness over Daggerford Interview @ NW Vault

by Dhruin, 2006-08-17 23:50:00
NW Vault has an interview with Alan Miranda on the freshly-released 'Darkness over Daggerford' (once Premium) mod:
What was the inspiration for the module?

When I started the Daggerford project, my inspiration was very clear: I wanted to recreate some of what originally attracted me to playing Baldur's Gate I. That was a game so large to explore and filled with dozens of sidequests, that it really made me feel like the world was alive all around me. Creating RPGs like that is why I went to work for BioWare in the first place.

I found that Neverwinter missed out on doing some of the great things that players loved from the Baldur's Gate series, so my intent was to develop these for our game. Things like the world map and the stronghold are a couple of examples. The rationale behind the world map was to be able to show the world as one expansive and continuous place, instead of a number of linked areas that you could travel between using a conversation. And having a place that you could call your own, decorate, and where odd characters would turn up at your door (including talking chickens!) was the basis behind having the stronghold. Additionally, two of our core writers (Luspr and Lord Alex) are huge Baldur's Gate fans, and sought to create many very colourful characters, so that the world is filled with plenty of entertaining NPC interaction.

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