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Two Worlds II - Previews @ 411Mania, Reviewfix

by Dhruin, 2010-08-17 21:13:41

Here are two new previews for Two Worlds II.  A sample from 411Mania:

To give you an idea of how intricate AND personal the customization can get, SouthPeak's Aubrey Norris was telling me about a spell she made in Two Worlds II, the name of which I will withhold for now. This spell involves summoning a wind shield, where tornadoes protect the character and attack the enemy. At the same time, the spell also summons debris onto the battlefield. By walking into the debris, it gets caught in the tornado and does additional damage to whoever it hits. When you KILL the enemy, the corpse and it's weapons and armor get swept up in the tornado and also damage whatever else is in the vicinity, ensuring that the tornado will always pack an extra punch and won't die out. Aubrey calls her spell "The Sh1tstorm," and yes, the game WILL let you name it that.

...and from ReviewFix, who mention Oblivion every chance:

If you dug the first game, you’ll feel right at home knowing that nearly every element of the game that you loved has been polish or fixed. Learning from the problems that hampered the first game, TopWare Interactive has brought out the big guns and it’s obvious right from the get go. No longer will horses walk away from you and gone forever are the shoddy voice acting scenes that bounced back and forth like a pinball, making it tiresome to watch the story advance. Taking a page out of “Oblivion,” gamers can now watch these conversations and still walk around the screen, making all the dialogue and story much more easy to digest.

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