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GW Factions: Review @ ic-games

by Dhruin, 2006-08-18 00:04:00
Head over to ic-games to for a <a href="http://www.ic-games.co.uk/index.php?location=1&&articleid=3505" target="_blank">review</a> of GW Factions. The score is 89% and here's a snippet:<blockquote><em>Anyone unsure about playing online shouldna "!t be, Guild Wars Factions takes you by the hand and gently teaches you the finer points before finally allowing you to head out on your own to take on the world. Feeling lonely? You also shouldna "!t be, as youa "!ll also be able to create and join guilds to take on the a Ubigger and baddera "! creatures out there that you normally wouldna "!t be able to take on solo. The greater the danger, the higher rewards youa "!ll ultimately receive, because of this grouping at times becomes a necessity.</em></blockquote>

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