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Torchlight II - Preview @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2010-08-21 10:49:36

IGN takes a look at Torchlight 2, based on a GamesCom demo:

There are still a number of features currently under development. For example, identity scrolls may be phased out entirely, and it's still being decided if there'll be a way to replay the game once the content's been exhausted with more difficult adversaries. While it's not possible to say what all the class skills will be like, what's in the game now seems like it'll be fun to play with. The Railman, for instance, builds up charges as he strikes that orbit about his character model as little emerald wisps. These can then be combined with an ability for added effectiveness, useful for powering up something like the area of effect ember hammer smash that deals damage to whatever's unlucky enough to be standing in front of the Railman. Naturally you'll level as experience is gained, and be able to allocate points to strength, dexterity, magic and defense as well as dump points into a skill tree. Back in towns you'll find a variety of vendors and familiar characters, as well as the always welcome option to gamble for better items.

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