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Two Worlds II - Interview @ UGDB

by Dhruin, 2010-08-24 21:12:55

The ubiquitous Jake DiGennaro has been interviewed at Universal Gaming Database about Two Worlds II.  An excerpt on factions:

UGDB: We remember that in the first game, faction affiliations was a bit limited, but were interesting in many ways. How have they evolved in the sequel and can you give us some examples of such?

Jake DiGennaro:
Faction ratings plays an important role in which quests will become available to the player, how various NPCs perceive the hero, and to a degree even the way the player will experience certain elements of the primary narrative. Align yourself with the Merchants Guild for instance, and while you may get a few bucks off purchases and access to some amazing "back room inventory" items not otherwise available, some groups in the game might begin to see you as a profit hungry snake who would gladly sell them out in exchange for a sack of gold.

Source: Blues News

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