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Neverwinter - Interview @ TenTonHammer

by Dhruin, 2010-08-25 22:18:15

Here's another Jack Emmert interview on Neverwinter, this time at MMO site TenTonHammer.  His answers are rather general but here's a snip on the Forge tools:

Ten Ton Hammer: Aside from the game reveal itself, the most intriguing thing about this press release is Forge, the ability for players to craft their own storylines and quests. What can you tell us about Forge?

Jack Emmert: Neverwinter, like the previous Neverwinter games, is not only a great RPG, but will also make it easy to create user-generated content. You’ll have the tools you need to effectively become a virtual dungeonmaster.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will players be able to progress in the core Neverwinter story with player-created content, or are these side quests? How extensive a story can players create?

Jack Emmert: They’re side quests, but frankly, somebody can build their own campaign within the Neverwinter setting. We’re really hoping that players can create their own set of content that runs parallel to ours, that interleaves with ours, however they want to do it… really bring their imagination to life.

Thanks, Lucky Day and Kalniel!

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