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Neverwinter - Interview @ MMORPG.com

by Dhruin, 2010-08-26 20:45:06

For a not-an-MMO, they sure do a lot of interviews with MMORPG sites.  Jack Emmert has popped up at MMORPG.com in an article-style interview, explaining how Neverwinter will work in such broad strokes, it doesn't reveal a lot.  Apparently we're in for Borderlands meets Dragon Age meets Oblivion, if you can get your head around that:

The other thing Jack mentioned is that the game will follow the play style of something like Borderlands with a Dragon Age/ Oblivion feel to it. The game won’t have to live up to the MMO expectations that have become so widespread in online gaming. Instead of having a full on MMO, Cryptic wants the game to be a place where old D&D groups can get together no matter where they are and play a night of gaming without having to deal with grinding monsters or endless repetition. They want the game to be a fun experience to have with your friends.

Jack explained that after Champions and Star Trek they realized that the studio had to shift gears from the typical MMO template. This new style of game is working with a tested engine and allows Cryptic to make the games they want. After the feedback they got from their most recent MMOs Jack explained that the studio is now moving in a new direction, “It’s a brand new Cryptic.”

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