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Frater: Interview @ WithinGames

by Dhruin, 2006-08-18 00:28:00
A second Frater interview has popped up with WithinGames letting us know about their <a href="http://www.withingames.net/?show=articles&type=showspecial&id=94" target="_blank">article</a>:<blockquote><em><b>So Frater is going to be a lot of hack `n slash, as was Novasphere 13/Space Hack. Where are the differences in the style of gameplay and what are the improvements? Can we compare the games or are they totaly different?</b><br><br>In comparison with Novasphere 13/ Space Hack Farter is a much more developed game. We added many options helpful in character development. There are a lot of helpers, not present in our previous game - Space Hack. Players can use Golema "!s or Nefercara "!s help as well as the help of other NPC characters they run into. What is also very important, Frater offers a lot more objects with diverse features.</em></blockquote>

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