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Neverwinter - Interview @ Zam

by Dhruin, 2010-08-27 21:04:28

Lucky Day notes another interview with Jack Emmert on Neverwinter, this time at a site called Zam.  This is the first part of two, apparently.  A snip:

ZAM: What else will Neverwinter share in common with MMOs, and in what ways will it be completely different?

Emmert: I think in a typical MMO you go out and you'll get a mission to kill 10 rats or whatever; it's very difficult to create scripted quests for hundreds and hundreds of hours. We're not doing that; everything that we're doing [with Neverwinter] includes a storyline and narrative like Oblivion and Dragon Age… a more traditional RPG. There's a beginning, middle and an end. There are no killing fields and you're never requested to just go kill 10 orcs, or collect five torn pelts. We don't have traditional crafting with resource nodes that you click on to collect stuff. A lot of those mechanics are simply born of the fact that you want people continually playing hour after hour. We're looking for great gameplay with a great story that's [going to be] a lot of fun.

As a side note, the tension between Atari and Turbine - developers of Dungeons & Dragons Online, is increasing with a $30M lawsuit.

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