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Mount&Blade - v1.130 Patch, Steam Sale

by Dhruin, 2010-08-27 21:17:48

Taleworlds has released a v1.130 patch for Warband that includes some new MP maps.  Here's a partial snip from their site:

Version 1.130 for M&B Warband has been released. You can download the upgrade patch on our download page. The changelog is:

Features and Gameplay:
3 Amazingly awesome multiplayer maps:

  • NEW! Forest Hideout: Perfect for team play modes like TDM, CTF, and Conquest. 
  • NEW! The Arena: The go to place for battle, deathmatch, and duel modes.
  • NEW! Jammeyyed Castle: A unique siege in the desert.

Other content additions:

  • New music and sounds have been added to single and multi-player modes.
  • Steam also has a sale with Warband 66% off, and Mount & Blade 75% off.

    Source: Blues News

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