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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ Gameon

by Dhruin, 2010-08-28 22:00:20

This Deus Ex: HR preview at Gameon covers the three-paths-demo seen by a lot of sites at GamesCom but the detail in the piece is quite good:

The final playthrough was an entirely stealth based option, with Jensen having to infiltrate the building without being seen or detected. This would mean having to sneak past the police officers, laser grids and cameras: a difficult but viable choice. Choosing to explore a side alleyway by stacking a series of crates next to a fence and leaping over, revealed a number of possible routes into the building. Both the sewer system and the roof would provide access, but Jensen chose to use a doorway on the first floor. Using a hacking augmentation on the locked entrance initiated a mini-game where Jensen had to hack the computer mainframe without being detected. The game seemed surprisingly complex, and was oddly reminiscent of a scaled down defence grid game mechanic.

Once this was cleared things became quite tense as Jensen had to make his way through the patrolling guards. Here the X-ray vision mode worked really well, allowing each guard's route to be mapped out in advance. Using a cloak augmentation allowed him to slip past some of the more difficult sections, including a bustling office. However, the developers emphasised that this was a very energy consuming option, meaning it could only be employed in short bursts. Reaching the basement of the police station, a laser grid presented an impassable obstacle which could only be deactivated when an officer walked nearby. Sneaking up behind him, Jensen silently incapacitated him before dragging his body close the laser grid to deactivate it. This allowed him access to the morgue and the data chip.

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