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BioShock 2 - DLC Minervas Den Previews

by Aries100, 2010-08-30 16:54:52

There's some previews for this DLC. I'll quote one and list the others. Here's a quote from a preview from Games Radar:

Right off you’re immersed in Rapture’s dangerous world – except this time, it’s even more dangerous, because Minerva’s Den, an area of the city that’s been essentially sealed off, is host to advanced splicers – splicers who can use plasmids. To help you out, you have two new items at your disposal: the Gravity Well plasmid and the Ion Laser. The Gravity Well doesn’t really function much different from the Cyclone Trap – it sucks enemies (and debris) into the air. The difference, however, is hilarious: splicers, once sucked into the air, orbit around the well comically, and of course you can take pot shots while they fly around.

Gaming Nexus, IGN, RUN DLC, JoystiqGamePro and Gamespot also have previews.

In others news, courtesy of Joystiq, the PSN and Xbox 360 version will be released on August 31th.

Source: GameBanshee

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