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Fable 3 - Previews

by Aries100, 2010-08-30 17:09:38

Previews for this game have surface, based on the presentation given at GamesCom. I'll quote from one and list the rest. Here's something about the beginning of the game from GameOn:

The game begins with you, the prince or princess of Albion being woken up by your butler Jasper. In bed with you is your trusty canine companion. Upon choosing what to wear, you are then sent to meet up with your love interest, either named Elliot if you're a princess, or Elise if you're a prince. Taking your beloved by the hand you lead him/her to the kitchen where your first moral choice is presented to you. The kitchen staff have heard rumours of the King executing some of the staff. It is up to you whether you give them a motivational speech, promising that things will be alright or berating them for putting their nose into business that does not concern them.

Play.tm, TheOpionatedGamer, and CVG also have previews.


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