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Two Worlds II - Preview @ Diehard Gamefan

by Dhruin, 2010-08-30 20:57:21

Here's a Two Worlds II preview from a week back spotted at the Zuxxez forums.  Diehard Gamefan says they wanted to spend more time with the game but they sure don't explain why:

My time with Two Worlds II was mainly spent roaming around killing any monsters I saw, talking to people. There were also some attempts at lockpicking, but the character I was playing as had low lockpicking aptitude (timing was also requisite for a successful attempt), so those fell flat. At one point I hit an NPC, and all he did was utter in a low deep monotone voice “hey” and “No, please, I have a family” (I heard it as, “No, please, I am heavenly“, which made no sense) and went right back to smithing something invisible as if I hadn’t just been trying to bludgeon him. Everyone in the room started cracking up, and Aubrey explained that that was just filler voice recording, so it likely will not be in the final retail version. I have to admit, while my interest in Oblivion quickly waned when I tried to play it, my time with this game actually made me want to try it (and no, not just because of that NPC).

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