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Elemental: War of Magic - Reviews @ GameSpot, PC Games

by Dhruin, 2010-09-05 00:15:05

Here are two reviews of Elemental with similar things to say but surprisingly different scores.  GameSpot doesn't mince their words and the score is 4/10:

It's never fun to purchase a game you're excited to play, only to discover that it's an incomplete mess. Yet if you purchase Elemental: War of Magic, whether from a retail outlet or developer/publisher Stardock's own Impulse distribution service, that's exactly what you'll get. This strategy game boasts shades of SimTex's classic Master of Magic, but any goodwill this similarity inspires is dashed by a slew of disastrous bugs, uninspired art, AI problems, bad sound effects, non-working multiplayer, and a shoddy interface. When it works, Elemental possesses that "just one more turn" factor that can keep you invested in your civilization's advancement. But even if you somehow avoid the game's penchant for crashing--often over and over again--it's hard to get past the noticeable sloppiness that invades almost every element. At the time of this review, three patches have smoothed out the roughest edges, but it's going to take a long time before Elemental: War of Magic fulfills its potential. Maybe at that time, this product will be worth your money, but for now, even the most adventurous gamblers should keep their funds safely in their own pockets.

...while PC Gamer goes for a softer 70%.  Here, the author sells his wife to buy some Hell Dogs:

Well, that settles it. A pleasure – an uneasy and slightly guilty pleasure – doing business with you guys. Enjoy the six to thirty-six hell dogs from hell that I can now afford to destroy you with.

The hell dogs are unstoppable, and I win the game a long but unchallenging while later. The whole experience is typical of Elemental: exciting possibilities, confusingly stupid decisions from the AI, masses of freedom to come up with killer combinations, and absolutely no resistance when you do so. The game has been released far, far too early, and what we’ve ended up with is a tantalising prototype for a phenomenal game that just doesn’t exist yet.

Source: Blues News

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