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Neverwinter - Interview @ VE3D

by Dhruin, 2010-09-06 20:48:44

Jack Emmert continues to spruik Neverwinter, with a new interview online at VoodooExtreme.  They discuss the five classes and at least three starting races and he continues to press the "Oblivion meets Dragon Age" paradigm.  A snip on gameplay:

VE: We also asked our readers to send in their questions so here they are. (From [XII]CoRRaN) How much Dungeons and Dragons is there in the actual gameplay? Is the goal to have it play with dice rolling in the background (like DnD Online) or is the goal to find a different way to handle things that makes it more action RPG oriented (Like Sacred or Diablo)?
Jack Emmert:
We're using the rules as a starting point. There won't be any dice rolling because we want to immerse people in the setting and the more obvious you make the ruleset, the less immersive the game becomes. But we are basing everything we do on DnD 4th Edition. The mechanics have been changed but they'll be familiar. By and large, we're trying to keep as faithful as we could to 4th edition rules.

Thanks, Lucky Day.

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