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Two Worlds II - Community Interview, Preview

by Dhruin, 2010-09-07 22:07:48

Inside Two Worlds writes that Ausir has the results of their community interview over at Two Worlds II Wiki.  Here's a sample:

Two Worlds excelled at creating a beautiful game environment but fell short in creating an immersive experience. What is being done to improve immersion in Two Worlds 2?

A lot! First of all, we hired professional story writers who take care of the main quest as well as the side quests and the “feeling” of the world itself. That means that we implemented a lot of NPCs whom you meet several times during your adventures. This way you get some relationships which evolve according to your actions. Even some love stories are implemented.

...or Inside Two Worlds has a summary of the salient points.

Meanwhile, 2Worlds-game.de has a German preview that looks pretty interesting, and Two Worlds Vault has a summary of the important points in English.  They've split it up into "good" and "bad" points and it's a worthwhile read for anyone following this game.

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