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RPGWatch Feature: Dragon Age - Witch Hunt Impressions

by Dhruin, 2010-09-08 10:13:05

Witch Hunt is the last DLC for Dragon Age, with one of the most interesting premises - finding some answers to the Morrigan enigma.  If you're thinking of pulling the trigger on this DLC, read on for my impressions.  A sample:

Even with my enthusiasm for Dragon Age, I haven't played any of the DLC packages beyond those packaged with my version of the game (Wardens Keep and The Stone Prisoner) and the expansion-sized Awakening.  I'm quite open to the idea of DLC but firing up a game I spent over 100 hours with to play some little two-hour segment in isolation just doesn't seem that enticing.

Until this one.  Morrigan was a central part of my game - a mainstay of both my standard party and the focus of the most interesting decision in the game.  Completing that story sounded like a good way to close the book on Dragon Age.

Disappointment ensued.

Read it all here.

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