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Rampant Games - The Seven Steps of Retro Gaming

by Dhruin, 2010-09-08 21:14:07

Not specifically RPG related but a fun item at the Rampant Coyote.  The Seven Steps of Retro Gaming:

Stage 3:  Disappointment

Umm… you know, as much as you try to look past the old graphics, they really are… rough. What is that object really supposed to be? It’s either a sword or a person… Oh, it’s a house. The gameplay is a little more simplistic (in spite of its obtuse interface) than you expected, and there are a lot of things they are doing here that really have been done far better by more modern games. And did we mention ugly graphics?

Stage 4: Acceptance

Hmmm – okay, once you have read the manual and spent an hour or two playing,  you kinda get into the rhythm of things. And it’s maybe not that bad. Sure, the graphics are primitive, but after a while you can look past that. But now, at last, you are finally playing, really playing the game. You begin to see the game as they must have seen it back when it was new.  It’s not so much of a chore now, at least.

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