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Neverwinter - Interviews @ OnlineWelten, JeuxVideo

by Dhruin, 2010-09-09 10:00:13

Lucky Day points out a couple of Neverwinter interviews from international sites.  German site OnlineWelten has both English and German versions, with Jack Emmert covering some new ground.  On how user-generated content will be accessed:

Onlinewelten: We’ve heard about a system codenamed ‘Forge’, which will allow players to literally forge their own content. Can you explain us how this system is going to work?

Jack Emmert: We’re translating versions of our internal design tools into something usable by the public. It’s a robust set of editors that allows people to layout their own adventures and quests. Most of the things we can do internally will be possible in forge.

Players will connect their adventures to a NPC in the persistent world and/or specially designated entrances (for example, a cave). Players will always know if they’re about to access user generated content. Naturally, we’ll also include rating tools so that players can sort content by what’s most popular, most recent, etc.

There's also a French article at JeuxVideo, and a Google translation here.

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