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Torchlight II - Interview @ GameShark

by Dhruin, 2010-09-09 20:50:36

Runic CEO Max Schaefer chats with GameShark about Torchlight II:

Let's talk about some of the environmental changes that are happening in Torchlight II: are we going to see more overland areas in addition to the underworld?

I can't emphasize enough how much of a difference that makes. We have got a few overland areas working right now and it just makes the world feel completely bigger and more open and it's really exciting stuff. One of the other things we hear a lot about Torchlight was that it was a little claustrophobic because it was just a city with dungeons underneath it; you just went straight down into the dungeon until you finished the game. So to be able to explore and overland world makes it feel like a real game world and it lets us do a number of different environments. We'll have snowy areas and desert areas and right now we have some really nice rocky cliff areas to explore.. And it makes a huge difference over all that we had before in a lot of different ways. And the outer areas are randomly generated as well like the underground dungeons, so it will be different every time you go out.

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