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Two Worlds II - Preview, Database

by Dhruin, 2010-09-11 22:22:54

GameFocus has a Two Worlds II preview from PAX.  It's labelled "hands-on", but the first-hand impressions are limited.  A bit on crafting:

In building your fantasy arsenal, there are a few new crafting features that is sure to grab your attention. The original Two Worlds allowed players to combine similar weapons to boost their stats. Two Worlds 2 takes the same idea, but adds further depth to it by now allowing for the items to be broke down into their core material components first. This adds an outstanding amount of choice as to how you want to craft weapons and armor. Another similar returning feature is the cards that are used for spells. Just as with the crafting, they too have been enhanced, bringing with it the ability to combine up to six cards to create wildly imaginative magical feats. Ever want an ice bolt that also grants a magic elemental shield and luminescence to the user? You got it! Or how about throwing out a multi fireball that summons a monster once it hits? Sure thing! Those who want to tank with a mage will drink the new spell combos up!

Meanwhile, Two Worlds Vault has kicked off a weapons database with pictures and stats for the various weapons.

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