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Two Worlds II - Previews @ TMG, LXP

by Dhruin, 2010-09-14 22:50:29

Here's a pair of Two Worlds II previews from PAX, spotted at Inside Two Worlds.  First, The Married Gamers, who have a decent overview:

Player can spend skill points to create a character that can be a variety of different fighting styles.  A character can be part melee and part mage to give him the best of both worlds in a fight.  The player can also set up specific armor sets.  The player can have one armor set that accentuates the mage’s powers and another for the melee.  The player can then quickly switch between armor sets as needed.  The inventory is set up as a wheel that is brought up by pressing down on one of the thumbsticks and navigating around the wheel.  It is a quicker, simpler way to scroll through items in the player’s bag.

Combat is also streamlined allowing the player to string together offensive and defensive moves by pressing different buttons.  The moves flow together and make combat look very smooth.

...and Lost Exp like exploding things:

Now onto the part a lot of you might have been thinking about. The COMBAT! Thankfully I had the privilege of checking out two types of classes. The melee fighter, and a caster. The combos of the attacks were fluid, and looked really impressive. I’d love to go on and on about how much fun it was hacking and slashing zombie like creatures to pieces, but I was spoiled. I was shown a caster, the mage class, and my brain LITERALLY exploded. That’s right, exploded. Now allow me to explode your minds with the knowledge that was dropped on me. Apparently there’s a spell combination system with the spells in the game, and the possibilities that are being created are also being submitted into Guinness World Records as having the most spell combinations in a game to this date. That just seems impressive to me, and watching exactly how spells were mixed and matched was impressive all on its’ own.

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