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The Witcher 2 - Audio Interview @ The Cynical Brit

by Dhruin, 2010-09-14 23:31:40

The Cynical Brit has a 25-minute (!) phone interview with Thomasz Gop from CD Project Red about The Witcher 2, with some crossover with a nudity issue at Rock, Paper, Shotgun to add some interest.  As mentioned, the actual interview is a lengthy phone discussion and it has various video snippets overlaid in the background to give you something to watch.

At around the 14 minute mark, the interviewer asks about the criticism (and forum arguments) from a Rock, Paper, Shotgun GamesCom preview back in August.  Here's a snip, if you don't recall:

Yet signs of a certain crudity remain, something uncertain and immature lurking underneath the surface confidence and maturity. The demo goes to great lengths to show a gritty, unpleasant world filled with suffering and dirtiness. And then, hey, boobs. Big, incongruously perfect, brazen breasts, gleaming like oiled whaleskin amidst the blood and grime covering every other surface in the game. The woman in question is a prisoner, supposedly being tortured. It’s supposed to be a harrowing moment – a mother who’s just lost her son and is now in grave danger, treated with monstrous disdain and the threat of hideous sexual violence.

Instead, it’s masturbation fodder, an unashamed invitation to admire a pixel-perfect fantasy figure. This women is supposed to be suffering, but I’m supposed to salivate. The camera lingers, closes slightly on those improbable appendages – even when Geralt dispatches her torturers-to-be, rescues her and she requests to cover her porn star body up again, we’re treated to a final titilatting jiggle, rather than a demure turnaround, as she pulls her unscathed dress back up. She doesn’t seem terribly bothered. The game doesn’t seem terribly bothered. It just wanted to show us some tits, because apparently that’s how you know a game is mature.

You might have seen this scene in the GameCom presentation videos.  Apparently Thomasz Gop explains they've now re-thought that scene to find a more appropriate balance.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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