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Elemental: War of Magic - Development Update

by Dhruin, 2010-09-15 22:30:18

Here's Brad Wardell's latest blog post, explaining the current situation.  Interestingly, the imminent update will bring multiplayer but Brad says "while Elemental supports multiplayer, it is not a game designed for it", which I hadn't picked up previously:

They’re staging v1.08 tonight with the hopes for a general release tomorrow (no promises).  The bulk of the team’s efforts have been on taking care of compatibility, performance, memory and stability both single player and multiplayer.

In the near term, multiplayer is on the box so this has to be delivered and we apologize for the delay. After the initial launch of Elemental: War of Magic, we went back and did a post-mortem on how things could be done better and through this has emerged an updated QA policy. This has in turn meant that the multiplayer launch, which was originally going to be just a flip of a switch has gone through considerable more QA (and will continue to go through more QA) to improve the general quality going forward.

That said, I want to emphasize that while Elemental supports multiplayer, it is not a game designed for it. It’s designed primarily to be played in a sandbox single player. We are interested in feedback though from the multiplayer community on things they’d like to see.

In terms of single player, we have made a number of changes to balance that should make things more enjoyable and make the computer players more challenging. The spells and such have gotten a work over to make sure they are behaving as we intend them to.

Also, we have a poll up for users based on what areas they’d like to see us enhance going into the future the most;


We don’t have a specific time for v1.08 tomorrow other than “sometime tomorrow, EST”. Stay tuned.

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