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Elemental: War of Magic - v1.08 Patch

by Skavenhorde, 2010-09-18 00:57:48

Elemental v1.08 is released. There are a few interesting changes like an improved AI for enemy sovereigns, spells have been tweaked and some new sovereign abilities. There are too many to list. If you want to see all of the changes made in this version just click the v1.08 link. I haven't had time to try it out yet, but it sounds like they are fixing some of the more annoying bugs a lot faster than I anticipated.

Multiplayer has also been implemented, but it's been designated as "beta" because they disabled playing the AI in multiplayer mode until next week. You'll also have to set impulse to show pre-release version. I don't really care about the multiplayer version of this game, but if you do here is a snip on what they said about it:

For those who want to play v1.08 in multiplayer mode, you will need to set Impulse to show Pre-release versions:

We designated multiplayer as "beta" because we disabled playing against AI until next week. I had written a lot of AI code this week that is in the single player version but had not been adequately tested for MP. We didn't want to give players the impression that was considered the feature set in multiplayer as being all that's coming.

They plan on releasing v1.09 next week. They'll be focusing on enemy AI and MP for that one:

Next week we anticipate releasing v1.09 which will continue to address issues that were not found in the initial release, improve computer AI further and provide it and other new MP features.  After that, we will begin focusing on v1.1 which will be the first post-release update that is designed specifically to extending game play.

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