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Good Old Games - Will Be Back!!! [Updated]

by Skavenhorde, 2010-09-22 17:31:48

Well it's official! This whole thing was a joke. GoG's homepage has a video with the managing director and co-founder of GoG dressed up as monks and apologizing for their sins. A little funny actually seeing them dressed up as monks apologizing for their prank. They gave some reasons as to why it went wrong like saying that back in the day people could be a little more silly. They also spoke about that they gave plenty of hints in the orginal message and tried in the writing to give everyone a *wink, wink* *Nudge, nudge* "Say no more" "Say no more".

I think if they just gave everyone a heads up that GoG will be down on a certain date AND THEN posted that message a lot of people wouldn't of been so mad, but that's just my opinion.

Personally, I don't care. They're back and even better than ever with Baldur's Gate and it's expansions being released. It's confirmed they will have other RPGs with the D&D license. Is that another hint that Planescape will be coming soon?

The new and improved GoG will launch at 8:00 am EDT with all of it's new additions. So go grab your GoG downloads when they reopen because I know a lot of people were worried about that.

[Update] GameBanshee sends in their notes direct from the press conference:

New features include a mini-catologue divided by gaming genres, a community overview at the bottom of the page with GOGmixes, ratings and discussions, in a quick overview for purchasers. The games catalogue has been overhauled to make searching for games and genres easier.

GOGMixes are the "biggest" new feature: they're a list of titles with recommendations and short descriptions from other users. This is primarily to give an easy overview for users who are interested in certain genres (they use adventures and tactical games as examples), but who don't have a lot of knowledge in that genre.

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