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Two Worlds II - Multiplayer Tidbits

by Dhruin, 2010-09-27 20:51:40

Two Worlds Vault has collected some recent dev comments from their Facebook page on the different multiplayer modes in Two Worlds II.  An excerpt:

We were working on multiplayer for quite some time. Most of our efforts were put on developing fine co-op mode for 2-8 players. Our multiplayer "Adventure" mode is a completely different one, more action-based. It's a campaign that takes about 12-14 hours to complete in the first run! You have to cooperate in your team so the gameplay is slightly modified but if you wonder how TW2 would feel like if it was an action RPG, this mode provides the answer and I guarantee that you will like it.
After that you have an exceptional Village mode for the next 6-10 h + duels, deathmatches and crystal hunts!

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