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Two Worlds II - TopWare Responds

by Dhruin, 2010-09-29 02:14:43

TopWare has hit back at Southpeak's inference Two Worlds II needs more time, telling GameSpot the team at Reality Pump has moved on to post-release support and the real reason for the NA delay is the crowded release landscape:

TopWare today told GameSpot that development on Two Worlds II had finished, and that SouthPeak's decision was actually made due to an "exceptionally crowded" 2010 holiday season of RPGs.[...]

The TopWare statement went on to call SouthPeak's assertion that the game wasn't finished "factually incorrect." All production, bug testing, and localization work was finished in mid-September, the company said, adding that this year's and next year's Two Worlds II launches will contain the same content (except for patches or updates released in the interim, which could make it onto the 2011 retail launch disc). Instead of working to finish up the core Two Worlds II game, Reality Pump is instead readying its post-launch support and downloadable content plans.

Thanks to Zloth on our forums.

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