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Two Worlds II - Delay Confirmed in UK and AU

by Dhruin, 2010-09-29 22:09:41

Not surprisingly, the other territories where Southpeak holds Two Worlds II publishing rights have also been delayed to January 2011 - specifically, the UK and Australia (in addition to the NA delay announced earlier).  This leaves the European areas published directly by Zuxxez for October 21st.  This time, TopWare writes the press release (perhaps to make sure Southpeak doesn't say the wrong thing?):


Regional Launches in North American, United Kingdom, and Australian Territories Delayed into 2011 Over Market Concerns

Las Vegas, Nevada - September 28, 2010 - TopWare Interactive announced today that publishing partner SouthPeak Interactive will postpone the launch of Two Worlds II™ until January 2011 within the North American, Australian and United Kingdom territories. The October 21st, 2010 release date (previously announced for those markets in which Zuxxez Entertainment holds publishing rights), remains steadfast and will not be postponed. The decision to delay the game within regions in which SouthPeak Interactive holds publishing rights arose primarily from concerns that the RPG genre was exceptionally crowded during the remainder of the 2010 holiday season. This created a troubling scenario which was not ideal for an independent title such as Two Worlds II™, and after careful consideration the choice was made to postpone the game.

"Since the first announcement of Two Worlds II, we've very much been branded an underdog in a genre loaded with extraordinary franchises," commented James Seaman, Managing Director at TopWare. "That said, this is a year in which we'll see many of these great series roll out their latest installments, and naturally they'll do so during the holiday season. Truth be told, fans only have so much time to spend playing these content-rich games, and there were concerns our title could potentially be lost in the fanfare. Our publishing partner SouthPeak, to their credit, has acknowledged this fact and made an adjustment, postponing their launch of Two Worlds II™ into early 2011. We truly feel that we've developed a game that is poised to push the RPG envelope in many respects, from spell-casting to multiplayer, and everyone here can't wait for the opportunity for others to share in our hard work with us."

A previous announcement made by SouthPeak claiming the game was unfinished, and was being delayed to provide additional development time is factually incorrect. All production, including QA and localizations, on Two Worlds II™ was wrapped in mid-September. Fans can rest assured the October 2010 and early 2011 releases will mirror one another in terms of content, with the exception of any patches or updates released between now and early 2011.

As development studio Reality Pump forges forward with preparations for post-launch support and downloadable content development, fans in delayed launch territories can take solace in the fact that any multiplayer balancing issues addressed or additional free content published after the October release will be included in 2011 retail launch.

While we're on this topic, The Final Dungeon has a blog post on this topic suggesting some hype had been built, which will now be wasted:

Somehow, against all odds and despite the original game’s many, many failings, Two Worlds 2 had actually managed to build some hype.  Screenshots revealed an original-looking fantasy land filled with much better visuals, interesting architecture, and … dinosaurs.  A completely informal and unscientific survey of message board posts and blog comments seemed to suggest that many RPG fans, even some of those burned by the first game, were ready to give Two Worlds 2 a chance.  For me, at least, SouthPeak’s announcement this week deflates much of that hype.

Source: GameBanshee

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