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Fallout: New Vegas - Gold, Sys Reqs

by Dhruin, 2010-10-01 22:45:16

The Bethblog announces via their Pocast that Fallout: New Vegas has gone Gold:

As you may have heard in this week’s episode of The Bethesda Podcast, Fallout: New Vegas is officially finished and off to manufacturing. Congratulations to the team!

The system requirements are shown below in a chart form.  Basically, it's a Dual Core 2Ghz and an nVidia 6xxx or Radeon 1300XT -- pretty low.

The Podcast itself is pretty interesting and is focused entirely on New Vegas.  Among the things discussed in the 39 odd minutes is you reach the Vegas strip after about 50% of the story line - although it can be reached in 15 minutes - and reaching level 30 is quite an achievement.

Thanks to Melvil for also writing in about this.

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