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Divinity II: FoV - Nov 5th for Europe, Canada, AU

by Dhruin, 2010-10-01 23:04:29

Lar has posted an update on the Dragon Knight Saga and Flames of Vengeance.  Word is distribution agreements are in place for Europe, Canada and Australia but the US is still "up in the air".  Lar goes on to imply digital distribution should be available for those in the US who can't wait for the retail release.  I'm assuming the DKS and FoV releases are simultaneous, although that isn't entirely clear:

As you can notice from our limited presence here, we're in the rush to complete all versions. Many a late night have been spent on finalizing everything but it looks like we're getting there. So a quick update:

Yesterday we finished the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish Xbox360 versions and they are now at Microsoft for certification. That basically means that we can't find anything else anymore that needs to be fixed and Microsoft will now check if we overlooked something.

This weekend the hopefully final PC versions of DKS are being built and if final QA works out, we should be ready in time for a November 5th release. We've sorted out Pan-European distribution including Canada and Australia, but US distribution is still up in the air, so unfortunately we can't give you a US street date yet, but we'll make sure you can at least get the PC version via digital means.

Once we've built the DKS versions, we'll make all the FOV versions and then it will finally be done ! And we can take a break \:\)

To answer the X360 questions above - yesterday we did a presentation to a number of journalists switching between PC & X360 - one of the things we did was showing side by side comparisons of Ego Draconis and The Dragon Knight Saga. It's really quite a big difference. It's not only the camera, the textures, the shading and the lighting, it's also the gameplay and the UI that make for a big improvement. We're really pretty curious what you all will think of it when it comes out.

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