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Winter Voices - Gone Gold, First Review

by Dhruin, 2010-10-05 22:10:06

Beyond the Pillars sent us a PR announcing Winter Voices has gone Gold.  I can't see a specific release date and they mention the release of the episodes "over the next few months", which seems different to the original plan of an episode every week:


5th October 2010. Beyondthepillars are a game production company, based in Paris, France today announced that their highly anticipated first commercial release title “Winter Voices” - a serial RPG game on PC AND MAC - has gone Gold. Winter Voices is a beautiful drawn RPG game that takes the player on a long journey to find answers; you come across situations that you have to overcome - anger, sadness, pain and fear, until finally unveiling what is whispered by the voices of Winter.  Many dangers await your character, for the world she knows is doomed to crumble and fall or is it?

Each new episode is available to download, and each episodes costs 5€ / 7$ / 4,5£ (tax included). Episodes will unfold over the next few months providing clear narrative steps towards eventually resolving the plot.

“Beyondthepillars is thrilled to deliver the ultimate RPG experience,” said Guy Levi Bochi Beyond the Pillars CEO. "This 1st episode of the series takes players along a path where they are drawn into the hurt and pain of their character.  Like her, they grow stronger as the story unfolds, experiencing epic battles and intense gameplay. We believe that we have created a unique and fresh new game and hope that gamers will enjoy discovering it”

UK site Resolution Magazine has the first review we've seen and while they see some positives, the overall score is only 5/10:

Winter Voice is full of innovative ideas and creative potential but its great ambition is diluted by repetition. Additionally the build we played still suffers from a few bugs, including a game breaking one that prevents progression beyond a certain point.

In the end, terrific atmosphere conveyed by the visuals and music, and some great ideas create a unique and initially interesting game. The repetition, in both the combat and poetic dialogue, unfortunately damages the experience to a severe enough degree to ruin the fun. However, it’s all amendable within the episodic setup of this series release, so perhaps episode two will fare the winter better.

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