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Titan Quest Preview @ IGN

by Kalia, 2006-06-03 02:48:00
IGN is chiming in with their preview, hot on the heels of Gamespot's. You can read it here.
With so many RPGs feeling old and tired before you've even played them, thanks in large part to their traditional fantasy setting, we're looking forward to fighting more satyrs, mummies, Egyptian statues, demons, harpies. A mythological setting let the audience use a pre-arranged batch of knowledge, rather than a given world's particular quirks having to be revealed to you via clunky exposition or disorienting flashbacks. It's surprising that more Roman and Greek action games have sprouted up in the wake of God of War, but there you go. Since Titan Quest is slated to come out this month, it has the field to itself for a while yet. Stay tuned as we stake out our mailbox for the review copy.

Source: IGN

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