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Divinity II: FoV - Status Updates

by Dhruin, 2010-10-07 20:04:22

Lar has posted a couple of relevant things on the Divinity II forums over the last day, updating the status of Flames of Vengeance and the Dragon Knight Saga.  First, a general update:

This is the current status:

DKS Xbox360: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian versions are in submission at Microsoft and we are waiting for their approval. If they give the go ahead, then the november 5th date will be respected. As always, it's possible that games arrive in stores sooner.

DKS PC: We are doing final checks on the gold masters for English, French, German, Spanish and Italian versions and expect these to be ready in time. Actually, as it looks now manufacturing of at least the German version will probably start this friday.

FOV PC: English, French, German, Italian versions are being prepared and tested. These will be released digitally, and for the moment we have no reasons to assume the November 5th release dates won't be met.

Other languages are also in the works and we hope that by the end of October all versions will be finished.

So in other words, it might not be October 26th, but I think the week after that, The Dragon Knight Saga and Flames Of Vengeance should be available.

Note that FoV appears to be a digital-only release at this point.

In the same thread, Lar answers a question on the US version of DKS.  Still in the air, it seems:

Unfortunately I can't give you much more information on this yet - US release is still being discussed but we're doing our best.

On the Divinity II patch front, Lar confirms they are interested in a full D2 patch that brings everything to FoV level (minus the FoV content, of course) but confirms they still need publisher permission, which is still "in the air":

So our patch plans are the following:

-We ship DKS and FOV in all languages.

-For Germany, we bring out a FOV patch which brings it up to date with the international versions of FOV once FOV is released.

-For ED buyers, we're planning to bring out a free patch that turns ED into DKS minus the FOV content, but with the caveat that savegame compatibility will not be maintained due to the many changes in DKS content. However, we'll need the ok of the publishers of ED to release this patch, s that's still in the air. Due to the rules for patches on the X360, we won't be able to release this patch on X360 for ED since it's going to be very large.

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