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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Interview @ Games On Net

by Dhruin, 2010-10-15 21:39:33

Time for another Deus Ex: HR interview, this time at Australian site Games On Net:

games.on.net: It’s been ten years since the first Deus Ex, and obviously game design and technology have evolved a lot during that time. What has this allowed you to do, that the original creator of Deus Ex could not do? What are some of the main ways that you can make it bigger, or grander?

Sebastien Bich: I think with the increased firepower of the consoles, obviously you can make that notion of choices more prominent. The graphics are another thing, but it’s not just the graphics, we like to present this game as being strongly art direction driven. We really want to get that immersion, just throw you into the world of of 2027. You might not notice but in terms of the instances and the objects that you have in the world, the monorail you saw and such, there are lots of things being done under the hood to make the game more immersive and believable.

There are some gameplay elements obviously, like the number of AI’s you can have on the screen, the depth of the customisation and so on but I think to me at least what really makes a difference is how you get thrown into that world. You saw the E3 demo - I don’t know how it is for you, but for me, and I’ve seen that demo at least fifty or sixty times, and every time I see that alley I’m in Blade Runner, you know. The smoke, the neons, all these things help with the immersion, with the believability of the character and the story. To me, this art-direction driven approach is what is really important, and the reaction from the journalists and the public, this is the first thing they really notice and tell us about.

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