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Titan Quest Review @ PrimoTech

by Kalia, 2006-08-21 15:41:00
<a href="http://www.primotechnology.com/issues/004/35/titan-quest-review.html" target="_new">PrimoTech</a> has posted a review in their August issue. The review does not assign a score but it is a good long look at the game with the ever-present inevitable comparisons to Diablo II more apparent in this review than in any other posted thusfar:<blockquote>One of the things that I really liked about Diablo 2 was the story. Now, Ia "!ll admit it wasna "!t akin to a Best Selling Novel, but it was clear that Blizzard did put effort into telling a story and making it compelling. With all the rich mythology that Ironlore had access to I was hoping for something similar from Titan Quest. I was disappointed. While there is a story and there are some obvious efforts at compelling dialogue, it fell very flat for me. <br><br>Overall, Titan Quest is an enjoyable Diablo 2 clone, aside from the crashing defects. I can see playing this through several times, on difference class combinations to get a feel for each and see all the items. However, it is still lacking that something special to be able to take over Diablo 2a "!s place in my heart (and hard drive)</blockquote>
Source: PC IGN

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