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Frayed Knights - Skulking in Real-Time

by Dhruin, 2010-10-25 21:31:32

Jay writes another Frayed Knights update, this time on the addition of wandering patrols in Pokmor Xang:

But there are a couple of things about it that bug me. Frayed Knights is a turn-based game.  Quite simply, if the player isn’t actively doing something (like moving), the clock ain’t ticking. If you stand in one place and do nothing, hours of real-world time can pass by without any in-game “turns” passing,  spell effects won’t advance their durations, etc. The patrols break this consistency. Patrols are a real-time event. While no new patrols will spawn while you are standing around doing nothing, if you happen to be near the route of an existing patrol, they will encounter you and initiate combat.  Which is, naturally, turn-based.

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