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Two Worlds II - Preview @ Mana Pool

by Dhruin, 2010-10-26 22:54:26

UK site Mana Pool has a general preview of Two Worlds II with some quotes on multiplayer and bullet-points from the PR blurb.  Nothing new I can see:

Reality Pump also claim the game is 25% larger than the original Two Worlds – with players easily being able to sink over 200 hours into it if they decide to do all side-quests and explore the world as much as they can. In fact, they claim the world is so large that you absolutely NEED a horse. We’ll be the judge of that but it certainly sounds very promising! Like Two Worlds, there is no class system and you can develop your characters in whatever balance you want between melee, ranged and spell-casting. You can even swap armour sets whenever you desire, therefore being able to fully utilize all your talents if you decide to go down several paths at once.

Thanks, Two Worlds Vault.

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