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PotBS: Interview @ HookedGamers

by Inauro, 2006-08-21 22:59:00
HookedGamers <a href="http://www.hookedgamers.com/forwarder.html?http://www.hookedgamers.com/features/2006/pirates_of_the_burning_sea/" target="_blank">talks with</a> Troy Hewitt of Flying Labs about the company's upcoming MMO, <a href="http://www.burningsea.com/" target="_blank">Pirates of the Burning Sea</a>.<blockquote><em>HG: There has been some differing information on exactly when the game will be released. Could you give our readers a better idea of when it will come out?<br><br>Troy: *Grins* I could divulge that information but then I would have to swear you to secrecy and we all know how writers and members of the media enjoy having a big scoop by letting the cat out of the bag. Seriously, let me say that we will be announcing the release date at the upcoming PAX show in Seattle.<br><br>HG: Touch Troy! Lets try this one then shall we? I have heard different reports and I guess I am a bit confused on exactly how the game will be released. Will it be released in a boxed version along with Steam or both?<br><br>Troy: Good question, but unfortunately we are still working on that aspect of the game and definitive plans will materialize as we get closer to the actual release date. As we have scaled up the scope of the game, wea "!ve been looking at expanding our distribution reach. That process is still underway, so wea "!re not yet ready to talk about it. As you all may know, in the gaming business things change and plans that we think may be set sometimes change. For that reason we chose not to make an announcement at this time. </em></blockquote><a href="http://www.hookedgamers.com/forwarder.html?http://www.hookedgamers.com/features/2006/pirates_of_the_burning_sea/" target="_blank">More...</a>
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