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Two Worlds II - Early Reviews

by Dhruin, 2010-11-04 20:35:30

Here's a pair of early Two Worlds II reviews.  First up, RPG Italia has a review from closed beta (ie., not the final release).  It's an enthusiastic article and the score is 9.1/10:

Two Worlds 2 has very interesting dialogues, capable of catching the player’s attention. The main character has his own rough personality and his sarcasm reminds us of both The Nameless Hero of the Gothic Saga and Gerald of Rivia of The Witcher series. During our conversation with NPCs we can choose from several options and the discussion goes on as in any other action-RPGs. The story reaches levels of complexity and deepness that the first Two Worlds would only have dreamed of. The main quest starts immediately in order to develop into a lot of side quests, introducing various characters with their own personalities. The quests quality is notably high, and there is a good variety of missions.

Thanks to Inside Two Worlds for that one.

Eurogamer's German site has a similarly positive article with a score of 9/10.  According to my Google-fu, the author says 2W2 has "impressed me deeply" and he goes on to call it a "masterpiece".  The excellent German voice recordings are a major point ("loving crafted voice recordings") but we'll have to wait and see if that is similar in the English release.

Google translation here.

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