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Deathspank - Impressions @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2010-11-04 20:43:31

Rock, Paper, Shotgun serves up some impressions of the PC version of Deathspank.  Jim Rossignol seems to think it's ultimately worth the price - though perhaps only just:

It’s the main character, the macho, condescending DeathSpank, who makes all this work. He haughtily marches about, making quips and performing quests for “non-descript citizens” and other NPCs, all the while gathering weapons, potions and armour. There’s a pervasive theme of poo and underwear, and when DeathSpank dies he is respawns from a “scented latrine”, which also acts as a save point. You might think someone was pretentious and sophisticated as an RPS editor might not find all this nether-humour particularly funny but actually it is pretty funny. The jokes are unlikely to prompt a big league laugh from the balloon of your gut, but they still kept me chuckling and propped up in a state of mild amusement that meant I was happy to keep on playing even after I realised the game mechanisms were basically a bit rubbish.

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