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DarkSpore - Preview, Interview @ Strategy Gamer

by Dhruin, 2010-11-09 22:28:54

Strategy Gamer has a preview and interview combo for Darkspore.  From the preview:

The single-player campaign (which can also be done in co-op) is relatively simple, and even the story is fairly robust. The galaxy has come under threat from a mutated life form called the Darkspore, and you must travel from planet to planet (each planet is a level) in order to stem the tide. The dynamics of the campaign are interesting, as they involve a kind of risk/reward system that can help keep things fresh. There are a set number of planets, but the order they appear in is randomised depending on the difficulty level you choose. You play through the characters you collect, and at the beginning of every level you can choose your squad of three to take down to the planet based on the information available, and when you win, you're presented with a choice.

...and from the interview with Executive Producer Mike Perry:

Strategy Informer: What's the context of this game in terms of the single-player? Who ARE you in Darkspore?

Mike Perry: We've got a fiction that in the game you are a Progenitor, and Progenitors are masters of science and DNA. So you're able to create these creatures called genetic heroes that have these abilities so that they fight the forces of the Darkspore. The Darkspore are a mutant genetic strain controlled by something called E-DNA, and it has spread throughout the Galaxy. And the only way to defeat the Darkspore is to build up your army of genetic heroes and fight them yourself. You play directly as the creatures in game though, you're never present.  

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