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Divinity II: DKS - Review @ The Examiner

by Dhruin, 2010-11-09 22:35:11

This is the first English review of Larian's Dragon Knight Saga, with The Examiner awarding 4/5:

At times Divinity II seems to channel the spirit of games even as old as the Ultima or Wizardry series, as well as games such as Daggerfall and Morrowind. Divinity II re-introduces the thrill of exploration and discovery that is often missing from more linear RPG games—wandering off the beaten path into a lost valley, stumbling upon mysterious ruins, and then finding a hidden door to a cavern, for example. None of it may have anything to do with the primary story line, but you can find entire dungeons, quests, and other interesting locales (and monsters and treasure, of course) if you’re game to look for them.

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