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Divinity II: DKS - Review, Sales Comments

by Dhruin, 2010-11-15 21:09:53

Larian's site is pointing out a review of the Dragon Knight Saga at Made2Game.  The article is based on the X360 version and the score is 8.5/10, even though the author would have appreciated a little more hand-holding:

Not having played the original I can’t compare what this redworking has improved on but the game does look good, offering some huge lands to explore and a large variety of trolls, ogres, goblins and skeletons to fight against. Since the game is presented in a third person view it can at times be hard to control the cursor, especially when looking for loot on the floor, attacking large amounts of enemies and judging distances on some of the platform jumping sections. The main problem however is the quest selection, you are able to see what quests are open but there are no map hints or mini map markers to point you in the right direction, this may be great for some players who relish adventuring but others will find aimlessly wandering around a mite stressful, meaning the mini map in the top of the screen is just an enemy radar that shows the tiniest of red dots, pretty useless. Whilst on bad points, the save system is atrocious, there is an auto save but it is very sporadic and only happens on occasion, and when it does occur game will pause with an ugly grey autosave dialog box. Manual saving is not much better with you having to pause the action and select save from the menu, however it is a necessity as you will die a lot if you wander into the wrong area ill-equipped or too low a level to take on enemies. Why not have an autosave built into the very long load screen when you go through a door is beyond me.

On a side note, Lar made these comments about sales so far:

Considering the limited exposure the game's been getting, and the lukewarm reviews in some press for Ego Draconis, The Dragon Knight Saga is doing pretty well. We can track sales through the online activations (at least PC sales), and they've been quite steady over the last week. It's too soon to tell exactly how well it's doing, and for sure we could use some more reviews (hopefully they'll be good ones) to attract attention, but considering the limited PR we've had, we definitely can't complain. On the contrary, it's beyond expectations, witness that it's sold out already in several stores. We should be able to make a more definitive judgement in a couple of weeks, but at present all I can say is - whenever those of you who enjoyed DKS do mouth to mouth advertising in some forum it seems to have an impact. The more we get, the more we'll be able to invest in our next game, so please keep on doing it ;\) But in any case, you already had an impact, so thank you very much !

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