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Two Worlds II - Review @ The Gamers Paradise

by Dhruin, 2010-11-17 20:36:42

A site called The Gamers Paradise has a review of Two Worlds II, although the article isn't particularly deep.  Score - 9/10:

The share amount of different side quests, a thrilling main quest, a beautiful looting system, the multiplayer experiences totally revamped and of course the beautiful, stunning scenarios is enough to keep the casual and also the hardcore RPG players busy for days. It still comes with some glitches and bumps along the road but when you consider the share size of the world it is very little negative. Also the loading within the game is short and this makes for a better flow of the game. I have to say that Two Worlds 2 will have me going back for more, but as of now I can only bow my head and call this a beautiful rendition of a RPG and proof that sequels can be so much better than the prequel.

Spotted at Two Worlds Vault.

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