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Divinity 2: DKS - Review @ Guardian.co.uk

by Skavenhorde, 2010-11-22 15:02:16

Greg Howson gives a very favorably review of Divinity 2: DKS. The game was reviewed on the Xbox 360:


Once you are out in the world you have relative freedom to explore. Venturing off the beaten track almost always rewards the player with a dungeon to loot or a quest to solve. At the very least there will be enemies to defeat and often tough ones too. Divinity 2 doesn't hold back in offering a challenge. Grinding – killing enemies in hefty numbers – is essential to complete some quests. A lack of quest markers or hints is similarly old-school. Many will be put off by this but it is refreshing to find a console game that doesn't treat you like the Xbox 360 is your first experience of gaming.


The lack of handholding generally will make you despair or smile, probably depending on your age. Older gamers will enjoy a nostalgic – if occasionally painful – trip down memory lane as regular saves are needed to avoid losing progression. This is a long way from the glowing trails and forgiving combat of the Fable games. Generally though it works. There are some overly obscure objectives at times but finally finding a hidden tower in a valley feels much more satisfying than simply following a breadcrumb trail.




Downsides? Not least the lengthy loading times that occur as you leave houses and dungeons. 30 seconds is not unusual. The plot is hardly a classic too. Despite this there is much to love here. Traditional it may be but Divinity 2 Dragon Knight Saga is an excellent RPG that is up there with the very best on the Xbox 360.

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